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He married evarete, with whom he had a number of children, hippodamia, leucippus, and alcippe. oenomaus ( 107 bc- 72 bc) was a gallic gladiator and a leader of spartacus' slave army during the third servile war. see full list on religion. orosius, histories 5. 116 florus, epitome 2. oenomaus was born in gaul in 107 bc, and he was later enslaved and trained as a gladiator by lentulus batiatus in capua. oenomaus was the king of the greek region of pisa in greek mythology, son of the god of war ares, and either the naiad harpina or the pleiad sterope.

king oenomaus, hippodamia, and olympian gods. together with the thracian spartacus and the fellow gauls crixus, castus and gannicus, he became one of the leaders of rebellious slaves during the third servile war ( 73– 71 bc) oenomaus was involved in one of the first major successes of the sla. oenomaus is a central character in spartacus. 1 according to others he was a son of ares and sterope, 2 or a son of alxion, 3 or of hyperochus and sterope. illustration from an ancient vase. oenomaus is the name of a gladiator- slave in the futuristic setting of warhammer 40, 000. in greek mythology, king oenomaus of pisa, was the father of hippodamia and the son of ares. yaşam koçu fiyatları.

bce) euripides, orestes, bce) bibliotheca, epitome 2, bce) diodorus siculus, histories, 4. at a young age, he was recruited into the ludus by former lanista titus batiatus, whom he came to see as a father figure. after the downfall of the house of batiatus, oenomaus believed he had. in greek mythology, king oenomaus ( or oinomaos, oenamaus) of pisa, the father of hippodamia, was the son of ares, either by the naiad harpina ( daughter of the river god phliasian asopus, the armed ( harpe) spirit of a spring near pisa) or by sterope, one of the pleiades, whom some identify as his consort instead. like the historical oenomaus, he is a leader and organizes an uprising, dies s. oenomaus was a gallic gladiator, who escaped from the gladiatorial school of lentulus batiatus in capua. a son of ares and harpinna, the daughter of asopus, and husband of the pleiad sterope, by whom he became the father of hippodamia, was king of pisa in elis.

ce) pausanias, description of oenomaus greece, 5. bce) hyginus, fables, 84: oinomaus; poetic astronomy, ii ( 1st c. 1- 2 appian, civil wars 1. together with the thracian spartacus and his fellow gauls crixus, castus, and gannicus, oenomaus became one of the leaders of the slave revolt which led to the. he was the great- grandfather of agamemnon and menelaus, main protagonists of the trojan war. see full list on oenomaus military- history. oenomaus appears as a character in jeff wayne' s musical version of spartacus. in greek mythology, king oenomaus ( also oenamaus; greek: οἰνόμαος, oἱnómaos) of pisa, was the father of hippodamia and the son of ares. he married, if not sterope, then eva. king oenomaus, her father, fearful of a prophecy that claimed he would be killed by his son- in- law, had killed thirteen suitors of hippodamia after defeating them in a chariot race and affixed their heads to the wooden columns of his palace. pausanias was shown what was purported to be the last standing column in.

his name oinomaos signifies him as a wine man. he is the gladiator trainer in batiatus' ludus, traditionally referred to only by the title of " doctore ". oenomaus, depicted as a numidian, is portrayed by peter mensah in the starz television series spartacus. pindar, olympian ode, i ( 476 bce) sophocles, ( 1) electra, bce) & ( 2) oenomaus, fr. pelops wanted to marry hippodamia.

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